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Uganda: Home of the Mountain Gorllas

Welcome to Uganda –The pearl of Africa, a land of several flora and fauna, a land of the big five games, a land of the mountain gorillas, a highly intelligent species. They can laugh, develop strong family bonds; think about the past and future; and are believed to have spiritual feelings. These highly endangered species are fascinating and adorable. Let’s take you as you associate, encounter and share incredible moments with them. We are glad to arrange a safari tour that brings these thrilling features closer than you think!

Uganda Gorilla Tours organizes both private and scheduled small group tours that caters for both budget and midrange travellers.
Whether you need to do a Gorilla tracking, Nature walk, game drive in any of the ten flora and fauna rich Uganda National parks, or you want to see the source of the Nile, we can arrange an itinerary that matches you budget and expectations.

With our well designed and maintained safari vehicles with fully fledged tops, wild viewing is not a problem. Our well experiwnced and passionate guides will make your Gorill safari in Uganda or wldlife safari in Ugandaa an incredible one.
We focus on tailor-mae safaris that provides you with desired expectations and pay great attention to all details right away from your the time of inquiry. We ensure our clients' food and accomodation is up to desired standards. Planning a Uganda safari or simply wanna see Uganda Gorillas? Click here to get started!

Why choose us?

Uganda Gorilla Tours offers authentic, quality and affordable tailor made Gorilla and wildlife safaris with deep attention to your budget and safari expectations.

Some of the reasons why we meet most of our client's safari expectations are vast field Experience, Convenience, available Professional and indigenous guides with well serviced and cusstomized safari vehicles

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Questions & answers | Useful Uganda Gorilla Trekking Tips

Where and when can i track Mountain Gorillas?

Mountain Gorilla tracking in Rwanda and Uganda is done every day of the year. The quantity of available habituated Mountain Gorilla groups for tourist tracking safaris varies through the year depending on the location of the Mountain Gorilla family groups. Gorilla groups often travel into the Congo or beyond the range of a day trek to visit them. Months of April, May and November is suitable for those who want to save money because of the available discounted Gorilla permits.

Who can do Gorilla trackin gin Uganda?

Anyone over 15 years of age can apply for a gorilla permit to visit Mountain Gorillas. All of the remaining Mountain Gorillas in the wild reside in the volcanic mountain ranges along the borders of Uganda, Rwanda and The Congo. Tourists are advised to visit the Mountain Gorillas with the assistance of tour operators like Uganda Gorilla Tours. We organize the necessary gorilla permits, transportation, safari guides and lodging required for Mountain Gorilla tracking.

How much is a Gorilla Permit?

For the case of Uganda, a permit costs 600usd, Rwanda at 750usd. However, regardless of the difference in permit costs a trek in any destination is unique in its own way. More still, these permits in both destinations are offered at a discounted rate. In Uganda, the permit is lowed to 450usd and Rwanda 550. Accessing the permit at a discounted rate is an advantage for budget trekkers helping them to save some money for other purposes.

Helpful Tips for a Great Uganda Gorilla Tracking

  • Purchase your permits in advance for priority assignment to a choice group and to be sure you obtain a permit at all.
  • Put on strong hiking shoes, you will be off trail in rough terrain.
  • You will be with a group and guide. Also, consider hiring a local person as a porter assistant, even if you are very fit. This adds a great cultural dimension to the experience and is not really expensive.
  • Wear long sleeves and slacks and bring glove to protect against thistles nettles and thorns.
  • If you have the choice, visit the largest group available to you to maximize the photo opportunities and the different behaviors you will see.
  • Prepare for the possibility of rain at any time of year.
  • Listen to the advice of your guide. Trust that he or she really wants you to get great photos and have the best possible experience.
  • Expect you might have a long hike. Be in the best physical shape you can be.
  • Understand your camera well, Cameras with built-in video are very good. Telephoto ability helps.
  • Consider traveling with a companion or friend with whom you will share the lifelong memory of the encounter.
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